The Debate Is On. Is Sushi Good For You?

In the past decade, sushi has grown in popularity to astronomical heights in the United States. Whether you love it or hate it, this is one multi-century old offering that is here to stay. However, with anything that quickly becomes popular, there are often several questions around the item. With sushi, the most popular question is whether or not the offering is actually healthy for you. 

At San Francisco Kitchen, we believe in good food. And, we believe that people should feel good about the food they eat. With this in mind, we’re dedicating this article to everything sushi. The history, the truths, and the answer to the question so many are wondering!


Who came up with this sushi idea, anyway?

It’s believed that the concept of sushi originated in Japan during the ninth century. Of course, finding the exact origins of any food item leads to a myriad of tales. With sushi, the most popular tale is that of an elderly lady hiding pots in osprey nests of rice out of fear of thieves stealing them. Over time, the rice fermented and bits of fish had been mixed into her rice from the osprey. For most, these two items would be enough to start fresh. However, for this elderly lady, she learned rice was an excellent preservative for fish, and that the combo was actually quite tasty.

While tales are fun, facts tend to be more reliable. Fourth century Chinese documentation has mentions of salted fish being placed in cooked rice to encourage the fermentation process within. The fermented rice produces bacilli that causes a reaction which slows bacterial growth in fish. 

Heading back to Japan, this culture is first for having documentation of sushi being served as a meal. Known as nar-zushi, the combination of rice and freshwater lake fish took nearly six months to complete and was available only to the wealthiest families. 

Rice and fish – It must be healthy, right?

The answer is … mostly! Deciding on whether or not sushi is good for you depends on the ingredients used. As a highly versatile offering, sushi can be healthy but it can also be very unhealthy.  However, in general sushi is an excellent way to load your body with omega-3 fatty acids, high quality protein, and several beneficial vitamins and minerals. All of these items are essential for healthy cell development and have been shown to potentially reduce heart disease.

It is when you get creative with your sushi that the beneficial features may take a backseat. For example, ‘spicy’ sushi is often a combination of hot sauce and mayonnaise layered atop your roll. Philadelphia rolls contain cream cheese which is high in saturated fat and cholesterol. If you enjoy sushi and want to keep things healthy, stick to items like salmon, tuna, and avocado while avoiding tempura, mayonnaise and other fillers.


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