3 Favorite Drinks at Nashua Restaurants

If you’re familiar with Nashua restaurants, you know that there are several options to choose from. However, one thing you may not know is that regardless of where you dine, many of the requested favorite drinks tend to be the same. With wine and beer topping the list, the runner ups typically hit closer to the authentic offerings of the restaurant.


At San Francisco Kitchen, we offer some of the best and most unique drink options in the city! However, like any place, our customers have their favorites. Here is a closer look at a few of the top choices.


Mai Tai

Believe it or not, the Mai Tai has a pretty vast history. Dating back into the 1940s, this cocktail began as a much simpler drink than what it has evolved into over the years. Originally, a Mai Tai was a combination of rum, orange curacao, simple syrup and a touch of freshly squeezed lime. As the drink spread across cultures, changes occurred and additions were made.

Today, the popular Mai Tai is crafted from a combination of rums – often white and dark. However, adding a flavored rum for a unique experience is also common. The rum combination is combined with Grand Marnier, pineapple and orange juices, and a touch of lime and grenadine. 



Perhaps mixed cocktails aren’t your thing – no worries! When it comes to truly authentic restaurants, offerings should be vast. For instance, here at SFK, you can count on the coldest Sapporo being offered! Sapporo is “where Easts meets West,” – as we know, great things happen when cultures come together.


Not familiar with Sapporo? This top selling Asian beer is also one of the oldest brands in Japan. Founded in 1876, Sapporo lagers use only the highest quality ingredients to provide a crisp, refreshing flavor – perfect for any time of the day and as a compliment to any meal!


Espresso Martini

It doesn’t matter which of the Nashua restaurants you visit, if an espresso martini is on the menu, it’s a customer favorite! However, depending where you go, there are several variations for this cocktail, too. For instance, those who prefer a creamier version of the martini will often find Bailey’s as a pleasant addition. If you prefer your Espresso Martini on the darker side, forget the Bailey’s and reach for Kahlua and a freshly brewed shot of espresso and a few ounces of your favorite vodka.


Which Nashua Restaurants Have the Best Drinks?

If you’re searching for the best Nashua restaurants for unforgettable cocktails, look no further than San Francisco Kitchen! Whether you prefer a cold beer or a handcrafted martini, our bartenders are mixing up the best, most delicious, and always satisfying drinks! 


Visit us today at 133 Main Street in historic downtown Nashua. You promise, you’ll be glad that you did!